Friday, May 26, 2006

I saw X3. Spoilers afterwards. Well, the theater was packed, and the 9:00 show was sold out. I had to admit that Storm was less annoying, even though she had a huge part, and was like the leader of the mutants for a long time. I loved Magneto's rainbow coalition of mutants- the good guys had to fill in too many 'known' spots to make their number really interesting. I am not sure if I liked Grey's transformation or not. That weird hint of sexual vampirism made me uneasy. But the special effects were right on, and the sound was good, although what I may have thought of as really bone crushing smashes may have just been thunder from the storm that stopped the movie twice near the end. Although it is titled the Last Stand, there are odd bits near the end. Like why did Magneto's metal chess piece move? And who is that woman saying Charles after the credits? Good try all in all, I say, although with some loose ends,etc. Would buy on DVD.

A weird thing I thought about was how I was talking on another blog and someone asserted that parents wouldn't appreciate Katy Keene's short skirt, but I see all sorts of kids up in X3(and X2 and X1). I'm sorry to say that these movies are full of cursing, skimpy outfits, violence, and heck, X3 has a naked woman in it. It's very entertaining cursing and violence,etc, but I can't really see parents today not buying a book because a character is wearing a fairly modest outfit. This reminded me of when I was 13, and I wore short shorts to the fair, and my mom had been scolding me. But one look at what grown women had on and my mom apologized. Because seriously, when it's hot, we're going to wear skimpy clothing nowadays. It's American culture, and unless you're like my date(who is always trying to save my soul), you'll deal with it

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