Saturday, May 13, 2006

Irrational Point, whose words are in bold, tries to poke at the heart of whiteness on Ally Work(Do scroll up for context). I am of course not compassionate or patient enough to work with whites, as their culture is just so bizarre to me. If you put resources into people, they can make you more resources, so why hog all the resources for yourself, especially if you're not using them or just wasting them.

But, from a position of naked self-interest, you won’t catch me losing power for the sake of a culture that wants to destroy mine, or to benefit a person that wants to rob me in the name of equality.
Who is trying to destroy your culture. Who wants to rob you in the name of equality?

You seem to be trying to defend your position by claiming that any other position would put you at risk somehow, or that you are in danger of being systematically oppressed if you try to make society more equal. How are you at risk? On what basis do you regard yourself as being in danger of oppression, and from whom?

And you seem to think that “weak” and “strong” are the only possibilities — why do you regard true equality as impossible?


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