Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nothing is worse in the entire world than calling people. Ugh, the pure existential dread of it is enough to put me off food. First, you have to call the right person. Knowing how this is can be pretty difficult, especially if you're dealing with a place so old fashioned you need to get on the phone in the first place. I hate talking on the phone because you have to interpret the person's tone without any helpful body language. Not to mention, if anyone is saying anything with a between the lines implication, I'll totally miss it. Not to mention, with the wages they pay people nowadays, you can't get a polite person for your phone at all. I hate petty bureaucrats of all types, because somehow their jobs make even a pleasant person the monster at the gate of actually getting some information.

I work hard to like people better but it doesn't come naturally.

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