Friday, May 12, 2006

I feel conflicted by this blog post. On one hand, I'm glad that some white people might vaguely care about dying black babies. But it seems too few. If you told 90% of white people about this, they would say you were a liar or that that you're exaggerating, or that we really should direct attention to the more important problem of white people having their feelings hurt. Even good hearted whites would maybe feel bad for two seconds and then go back to whatever. I'm really frustrated. If only we could get people good nutrition and prenatal care, and not living in neighborhoods full of poison, but as white feminist Echinde notes we don't have the political will to do it.

positively, a white woman tries to be an ally, but negatively, I'm not hoping for a widespread acceptance of the fact that just because you are poor it doesn't mean that it's ok to be as racist as you like or because there are poor white people, we all have to wait in line til the 12th of never. For all you fake ass allies who say, well, maybe after we help the Africans or after we help the white poor, see how Jay does it. He says hey, trans people AND women in Zimbwawe need help. Let me lend support. But I guess since being trans is a real oppressed group(the oppression olympics is useful for one thing- to stall those who would think their complaints drown out our cries for justice- so white men, especially you ones who only care about oppression as a means to hurt people of color, fuck you, I hope you die horrible deaths. If your oppression only comes up when you want to ignore people of color, it can't be that bad) that he can see how they link together.

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