Friday, May 05, 2006

My radical fun post is the one below this one. Here I will rant. The whole comics groping story annoys me because I have to admit I hate people who act like talking about a guy for touching a woman(ok, he admitted to some shirt lifting, but that's still not appropiate at all) gives the guy the death penalty. We should not accuse or listen to accusers, because what if an innocent man gets punished? Well, innocent women are being punished every day. Really, it's not like they are going to put dude in jail for touching a woman's tit, and really, I'd like to admonish dirty old men to control their actions. Really, we can't complain if women don't want to work in comics if when a woman talks about sexual harassment, we act like she's just doing it for fun. I swear, with some of these people, he could have raped her up the ass in front of ten perfect witnesses and some people would say she's just trying to advance(because sexual harassment claims get you your own creator owned book at Marvel). I don't like it, because even if the guy is innocent, that means that guys who are not so innocent will think "Oh, everyone will let me get away with sexual harassment" and that's not cool.

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