Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The whole point of the partiarchy is to define beauty. By beauty, I mean that unerring standard with so little wiggle room- you must be tall, , white(or at least not too ‘ethnic’), thin(and no, having hips and thighs and a thin torso doesn’t *count*), have straight hair(maybe curly but not too much, certainly never nappy!), wear makeup every day, wear impractical clothes and shoes, have a thin nose, not be too dark, not have hair except for on your head(oh, and your head hair has to be long too!) and the whole shebang.

I hate that *standard* because it’s got a lot of rules and takes up a lot of time, and many of the provisions are impossible for me to reach, and yet I’m still evaluated by this crazy standard for no good reason.

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