Sunday, February 12, 2006

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[How Refreshing]to see that times haven't changed. As a dye-in-the-wool Southern BLACK man, I can remember the arrogance, ignorance, and willful stupidity of my white Southern instructors, parents, and their larvae when it comes to the Confederate Flag.

During my ninth grade year, those Confederate flag loving creatures went through the painstaking effort to LYNCH nine ravens from a tress on the outside of the school. Of course, a Confederate flag was unfurled behind their artistic creation.

Then there were the roving bands of pimply-faced, chicken-necked teenage white males who wore t-shirts with the flag in an attempt to intimidate Black students. They were no different from the Black "gang members" that my principal was so busy trying to expel.

Oh, and then there was the time that some Black students, in an effort to fight back, worse some Malcolm X t-shirts in response to the insulting t-shirts, bumper stickers, caps, and other paraphranelia that those Rednecked idiots wore on a daily basis. They were suspended for wearing "provacative, inciteful, and hateful" clothing. Never mind the fact that we were terrorized by those smug, self-satisfied-looking white boys.

They knew it was about hate.

They knew that it made us Black students feel uncomfortable and powerless.

They knew that wearing those shirts would stoke anger, hatred, and fear.

You see, my liberal white teachers were open-minded on every issue EXCEPT the Confederate flag. No -- it was a sign of HERITAGE and HISTORY -- not hate. Oh, I can recall the times where my history teacher would regale us with stories about how his great-grandfather served in the Civl War. He would show off the scabbard and sword that he used in battle. At the end of this sermon, he made sure to tell us that this war was about STATES' RIGHTS and not Slavery and he reminded us that Lincoln would have maintained slavery if it would have kept the union together (recent evidence now shows that this was a lie -- Lincoln was shot because he had the temerity to propose giving Black males the right to vote).

When I went to college, the white fraternities would hang Confederate flags from their bannisters or place the flags on their t-shirts to discourage Blacks from pledging. Sigma Chi and Kappa Sigma were the worst. And, to add insult to injury...they issued a statement in the student newspaper accusing the Black community of racism and narrow-mindedness for not participating in their activities. How ingenious!

And -- isn't it curious that most modern Confederate paraphranelia uses some of the most provocative and hateful speech? Here are some of the lovely bumper stickers I get to read when I make my daily commute to work here in Atlanta -- all of these sayings are on a Confederate flag motif:




I could go on...

The flag is about hate, not heritage. Since they can no longer legally terrorize us (overt acts of racism is frowned upon but times are changing -- the white backlash against the Civil Rights Movement has come full circle) now, they are pulling out their only trump card. It is just like the word nigger, the Confederate flag is something that we Black folks can never come up with a retort that matches it in ugliness, hatefulness, and venom. They know this. They know it causes impotent rage. That is what thrills them so.

That IS the Southern point of view; it has been this way for the past half century when they revived this despicable flag. Nothing has changed. Even Jefferson Davis, the patron saint of the South said that the flag should never be unfurled after his side lost the war.

I hate the flag and what it stands for.

I hate the poeple who wear the flag.

I hate the people who apologize for those who wear the flag and try to justify keeping it out in the open.

Displaying this flag is akin to flying a swastika and claiming that it a celebration of Indian/Aryan pride. But -- it is so American to display the flag of the loser. I mean, do the Japanese still fly the Kyokujitsu-ki? Does Germany still fly a Swastica-motif flag? I do not understand it. It is idiotic!

The people from this guy's school are all cobags. Although, I was annoyed that after our school banned Confederate flag clothing, and especially Dixie Outfitters(warning if you open that link at work, people will think you're a racist), some white people were like OMG, why are black people allowed to wear FUBU. That sort of stupidity gives the lie to the notion of white supremacy.

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