Monday, February 13, 2006

Also, in the words of the 'oh so not racist', guess the racial background of this asshole cop. The reason why the NO refugees are 'wiseasses' is probably similar to the reason I'm a 'racist'- they got sick of dealing with your shit. Oh, a kid who was mentally disabled got beat up- yea, that's really reflects on all refugees- for all you know homegrown Houston kids could have beat him up. Maybe this idiot should work for folks to get resettled well instead of bitching in the newspaper. OH! That might actually WORK. Oh, so crime has gone up since hundreds of new people came into the area? Maybe you should take a statistics class, idiot. Or a logic class. This happened before this, and this happened after, so they must be related is a classic fallacy. Also, I may not be an expert in urban policing, but maybe you're not SUPPOSED to 'jack people up'? Also, why is this even in a newspaper at all? More propaganda for the war on black people?

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