Monday, February 13, 2006

So today in African History, we randomly got into a huge discussion of the cartoon scandal. While some guys were like blah blah blah prejudice cakes, here's the interesting parts of the discussion. One girl with short hair talked about how she went to France, and the French people acted like they weren't racist, but she was skeptical of this claim. Also, a guy who is probably a Muslim said that when all people have is their religion, and you spit on it, they get really mad. I said that maybe they are really mad about politics, and was a bit harsh on the prejudicecakes guys . For example, when one of the guys say "Well this Picasso guy got killed, I said Van Gogh" and when he was like "Well, was it in Sweden?", me and half the class said "Denmark". We also talked about the case of the woman who nearly got stoned in Nigeria. A girl from Nigeria talked about the divide between the South and the North, and how that affected things. One of the blahblahprejudicecakes guys acted like we didn't have violence against women in America, but the girl with the short hair said that wasn't true, and a girl with longer hair compared abortion clinic bombings to the excesses of Sharia law. I have to agree with that.

Nothing chaps my ass more than people acting like a bunch of white men killing women with pens and laws is somehow superior to a bunch of black men killing a woman with sticks and stones. The woman ends up dead in either case.

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