Sunday, February 26, 2006

I have to admit I really like SuperS. Yea, it's weird with the whole a girl and her horse bit, not to mention the weird subtext with the Amazon Trio's attacks- why are their victims only those they are attracted too? Also, what's with the crying and screaming? Not to mention, once Sailor Chibi Moon 'charges' them with sexual assault- what are they teaching kids nowadays? But the Amazon Trio themselves are fun, because the writers have fun with the prissy, manipulative Fish Eye, the selfish lady killer Tigers Eye and of course, Hawk's Eye whose favorite tactic is the sob story. Of course, I like how none of the characters dream of being a CEO or anything. It's always like "Oh, I want to fix a car" or "I make tasty stew!" This is extremely in contrast to real life, in which if you said your dream was to make tasty lunchboxes, you'd be laughed at. But since only a few people can get phds, become doctors or even get married(I in particular am doomed to be alone), the rest of us are screwed in reality, so yea, there's escapism.

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