Thursday, February 02, 2006

I watched episodes 109-111 of Sailor Moon today. I have to say that episode 110 is one of the best directed Sailor Moon episodes I have seen. It was directed by Ikuhara(also, the director of the wonderful Utena!) , and it shows. He's one of my favorite anime directors along with Akitaro Daichi and Anno(for his work on Kare Kano). Anime directors are important because the stories are told very visually. This direction is why more than ten years after this anime's release, we are still talking about it. I think one of my new goals will be to watch all of Sailor Moon! Oh, cool fact I learned Osamu Dezaki is the director for Onii-sama E. Now that anime has skillful use of still shots, I'll tell you. It's hard to keep anime looking good on a low budget.

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