Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'm pretty angry at Hugo today, for his support of the shock troops of white racial terrorism. He pulled up the old 'civility' canard, which of course, as feminists have pointed out is the defense of the white supremacist patriarchy, because white males define civility- how else could it possibly be 'civil' to compare real racism that is killing people to everyone not sucking white men's dicks? I was fairly civil considering the fact that these men were trying to push women of color out of what they had staked as 'white men's space'.

I think Hugo should be stronger about this, because just because a few women like me are strong enough to stand up to the harrassment doesn't mean that racial terrorists are not having a chilling effect on which spaces women of color can discourse in on the internet. If we can't say "Hey, some white guys said some racist stuff to me" on the net without hysterics about how oppressed white men are from the waste of flesh crowd, where can we say it? We all have an obligation to stop racism where we find it- and part of that mission is to prevent white men from crowding out discourse with their attacks on people of color who do not know their 'place'.

To allow people of color to criticize whites is yes, for them to step out of their 'place', but that place should not be allowed- it is uncivil and unfair for me to have my people slandered with lies, while whites shout down any who tell the truth about them.

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