Saturday, February 11, 2006

I have to admit that I hate white people. They have lost my trust. Some may say that this is the same as racism. I have to say no. Sure, maybe if a white person talks about how much they hate blacks in front of me, I may put them on blast. However, they have a whole society saying that I am just whining about racism and that they are in the right for saying hateful things. Also, the thing is that they hate blacks, because of a bunch of stuff someone else made up. I have lost my trust in whites because of their actions. Every time they defend someone saying something racist, every time they say we people of color just aren't good enough, every time they say that we're all a little bit racist and only a few whites are racist, and why don't we all be colorblind- they seem like liars.Whenever they say they are defending equality by increasing inequality, they seem like liars. Whenever they give whites a free pass to hurt people of color, while scolding us for being angry, I feel like I can't trust them to be honest. When I hear them say that whites are oppressed, and that only a few whites are racist, despite tons of evidence to the contrary, I feel like I can't trust them on basic questions of fact.

If I can't trust someone to be honest about their intentions, I can't really like them. If someone can't be trusted to have basic human decency- making excuses about how it's so hard to be a decent human being doesn't count- how can I take them on their word for anything? So yea, you all are considered racist until you prove otherwise. Of course, merely not being a complete asshole is enough for me, but if it's too hard, you might want to go fuck yourself. Oh yea, and if you say I'd be more popular with the guys if I let them spew racist abuse in front of me, you should kill yourself, as you are a disgusting waste of flesh.

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