Tuesday, February 07, 2006

On fark, hiliarity ensued.

Greg_S: Mega Man for President? Never.

Don't forget, Mega Man also has a fairly clear anti-business and anti-technology record. His destruction of Metal Man's factory in 19XX severely endangered the innocent workers present, who filed safety complaints similar to those filed by the power workers in Elec Man's plant, and Fire Man's foundry. He repeatedly stifled Dr. Wily's attempts to improve on the condition of robotics, and stole various innovations for his own purposes, never crediting Drs. Wily or Cossack. We could go into the environmental damage his battles have caused, or the abuse of his dog, or nonsupport for alternative energy due to e-tank addiction, but his violent responses to Dr. Albert Wily's peaceful attempts to better civilization are all we need to know about this terrorist.

/Paid for by Wily Castle Veterans for Truth//It's late, so I approve this message.

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