Thursday, February 02, 2006

This is an awesome cartoon. Click on artist's statement.

Now it's time to quote from white men on race, with of course annotations from me:

"The strong emphasis on the [so called] cultural deficiencies of Americans of color becomes a means of evading the issue of discrimination still practiced by many[that means you,ok?] white Americans. A color blind view is often linked to cultural deficiency theories that put the blame for continuing problems on the victims of discrimination." -White Men on Race, p. 192

"In communicating that the comfort and stability of white social spaces are more important than speaking out against racial hostility or discrimination, many whites convey the impression that they value the feelings of other whites above those of the targeted people of color... Weighing on person's modest discomfort against another person's often substantial pain and agony , and finding the former more important, sends a troubling message about the latter's worth as a human being" p. 188

And don't think we don't notice it either,ok? This book is very good- both calling out the moral laziness of powerful white men, and also being an interesting ethnographic study of the white person, with their unusual beliefs on power, chronology, and a lot of other things.

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