Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm ridiculously happy that I got 3 DVDs of Azumanga Daioh for $27(this includes the cost of shipping) Next week I'll be searching for deals on the 4 dvds of Sailor Moon S I do not own. It is awesome. I borrowed the the seasons S and SuperS from a schoolmate.

I have to admit a secret problem I have- I like to collect DVDs. When I buy anime, I only want authentic licensed copies. I do not know exactly why, but I guess it's because I'm an elitist. I mean, what's cooler- scoring copies with decent subs and sometimes official extras for 7 bucks, or buying a cruddy DVDR with the wrong artwork and all Chinese names in the subs from the Chinese Yakuza? I am also an elitist about pirating. I believe it is stupid to pay money for pirated anime. If an anime isn't licensed- download it. Don't pay a bunch of people who are probably gangsters! If it's official, save your god damn pennies or buy used. Nothing pisses me off more than the type of person who is usually mad if a black person(because you know we're all on welfare!) walks by clad in Rocawear instead of rags or maybe sackcloth and ashes, walking down the street moaning about how anime is a right or some dumb shit. If you think that is so, you're a dumbfuck. Thank you.

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