Saturday, February 11, 2006

Today I made this recipe, except with margarine and I put baked apples on top. 110 grams means one cup, people. I'm glad about this week's grocery bill- $4 spent on couscous,a dozen eggs,3 apples and a thing of fruit leather. Also, I want to write on the mechanisms of the 'white people are all racist 'stereotype', so I'll write it here. You see, I don't believe in the dumbass 'all stereotypes have a grain of truth' bs. A lot of stereotypes about less powerful groups are basically media created. For example, if you believed the media, all Muslims everywhere are all like (offensive stereotype follows) dirka dirka Mohammed Jihad and blacks are all criminals who have ten babies for welfare checks or whatever. However, I don't believe in these stereotypes because well, the facts seem against them. For example, there's some Muslims that go to my college. According to the stereotype, they'd be blowing up everything because we have girls who lie around in bikinis around the dorm. Due to the lack of this happening, I have to conclude the stereotype isn't true. Other forms of evidence can dismantle stereotypes. For example, welfare moms don't get that much cash. My cousin gets like 500$ a month and she was three kids. That's not enough money to have a lavish lifestyle on, and plus having babies is a big hassle, so the idea that black women are popping out babies just for welfare makes no sense.

But the idea that whites are racially insensitive is well, less easy to fix. The problem is that it's hard for a black or brown or yellow person to walk around the society and not encounter at least fifteen or so white people who make comments about whether people are 'qualified' for school or why we should be colorblind and not worry about racist comments or that they are just too sensitive. Not to mention white people who think it's ok for them to say the n word or to wear stupid t shirts or wear Confederate flags. This happens to us in real life. It's not something we see on the news. According to the news media, no one is racist except for the Klan and those Nazis.

So basically, when the 'stereotype' comes out of our experience, it's hard for us to forget it. The only way to change it is to stop making excuses and to actually get off your ass and stop being racist.

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