Friday, February 03, 2006

Racist kids act like assholes. This is why all Confederate clothing should be banned in schools. Sure, white people pissed and moaned when they were banned in my high school, but it sends a clear message to racists- do that shit on your own time- it's not OK in public. The father of the racist asshole was grumbling about the 'Southern point of view'. I understand that white people have a different culture than the rest of us. But seriously, the fact based view is the best view. The South lost, guys in pointy hoods flew their shitty flag over lynchings, and asshole Senators flew it in support of segregation. Here's John Scalzi on why if you fly a confederate flag, you're a jackass.

Not to mention, schools aren't obligated to preach the Southern point of view, since it's about as valid as teaching kids the earth is flat. How come when they celebrate their heritage they never celebrate the good parts, like bluegrass or the inventiveness of blacks, both slaves and descendants in creating a wonderful cuisine and music or the cultures of the Native Americans of the South? Why is it always about your 'state's rights' to enslave other people,eh?

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