Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Heh, bad words, but awesome stuff. Also, while brownfemipower has an interesting post, I can't wholeheartedly agree. Me and white people have a room mate effect- familiarity and the same stuff over and over build contempt and arguments. For me, well, there's other groups- but the biggest group I've interacted with are Asians, which are really a bunch of other groups, and there's not really a unified Asian ideology in my view, unlike the white ideology which I shorten as this- 'whites are better than everybody else, fuck you'. Also, the fights between us seem to be sort of subgroupings of the whole white power thing. Like white people say 'Oh, Asians are smarter' to try to bring down black folks, and yea, some Asians believe it, but it's more like a manifestion of the bigger problem. It's like that with the Hispanic workers too. Basically saying they work harder than us is just set up so we'll fight among ourselves instead of noticing who is trying to get all the power for themselves by spreading racist lies. It's like how some black people are Uncle Ruckuses- it sucks that they've internalized the idea that there's a racial hierarchy, but you know, being in the group that is always on the bottom, I also notice that one group is always on the top too(and it's not any of you other POC groups)

Oh yea, and contribute to the radical women of color carnival.

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