Thursday, February 23, 2006

I got to see Damali Ayo today and it was awesome. I have so much to say, but I feel crappy so this may not be organized. I did get a book signed, but was too shy to say much about it, and also someone else is doing art called apologies from the white race which I got to see after the talk was over. The performance was so cathartic to me, because it simply was in good space. Here is someone admitting that people touch her hair and do that whole compare arms things. Here is someone who is also outraged when people say there's no racism in their town.(Afterwards I was eating Emory's great catering, ok, it was for Taiwanese night, but it was still good, and some girls were talking about this guy who was like there's no racism in Mexico because no one asks my race).

Damali had been working in the schools all day before this, and shocking the kids. I think the best part of the performance was the visual art- for example, the picture for 'remember, you represent your entire race' had a black woman giving an X symbol with her arms and the white woman's posture was complementary to that. I also like how she finds linkages in her work- whether it's from seeing that the blue she chose for her race cards was the same blue that they use for American flags to being able to understand how wide blackness really is.

Basically, it was simply a great eye opening show. I liked the five minutes of white history, and also the panhandling for reparations part. (It ended in interracial hugging). There were so many highlights that I can't categorize them all- I do admit that I was amused by two Asian kids and their black friend posing with the my new black friend background- the thumbs up and pointing made the funny, there. Well, the point is that damali is awesome and you should all go to her stuff and read her stuff. I think I might even wear green pantyhose with purple. She really pulled that off. She's my new hero, but not only for the fashion tip. Oh yea, and apparently the quotes from rent-a-negro are real. Also, she said I was so cute. She's so amazing I was barely annoyed. I also *need* a I love all the white people in Atlanta shirt.

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