Saturday, February 11, 2006

The plot of Sailor Moon S is more complex than the 'plot' of the War on Terror as it was sold to us. Spoilers coming! In Sailor Moon, there's the inner sailor senshi who want to save the world, but using idealism, the outer sailor senshi who want to save the world, but using pragmatism, the Tomoes, who are ordinary people possessed by evil powers, the Death Busters who want to destroy the world, but mostly for reasons like I want to be the chief executive or I am hot for the professor, and Pharaoh 90, who wants to rule the darkness after the world is destroyed. In contrast, in Iraq War has us, the good guys, the evil terrorists who hate freedom, and the Iraqi and Afghan people who want to be brought democracy and to be free of the Taliban. Why the 'plot' of the war is simpler than a cartoon for schoolkids, I have no idea. Also, the villains have less complex motivations, too. The villains in Sailor Moon want anything from fame to the love of a professor. In the war on terror, apparently the villains just hate America's freedom, and there's no deeper explanation besides this.

Man, that's a dumb plot. Can you imagine a kid's cartoon made on the war on terror? I totally wouldn't buy that one.

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