Sunday, February 12, 2006

Now that I have time and energy to go on livejournal, I notice good posts:

The top 10 things that white people need to realize should not be up for discussion,

1. Whether Hitler was an intelligent guy.
2. Whether slavery was really that bad.
3. If black history, native american history, hispanic history and asian history months are really necessary?
4. If the confederacy and the south and the whole of America is still racist.
6. If they are racist, if they say racist things or have racist actions.
7. If they are racist if they hold onto a racist culture.
9. If saying nigger is the same as when black people do it.
10. Part of the reason the South has such a racially charged atmosphere (although maybe not as much for southern whites) is because it has tried so hard to hold onto to it's racist heritage. Instead of acknowleding it was wrong and no amount of "revisionist history" can change that.

I have had the fear of whiteness instilled in me for a lifetime, there's no fucking way, anyone could justify the confederate flag to me. Ever. No way. And there is no way that anyone could tell me that the modern South isn't still suckling from a racist confederate teet and if that person could, I can pretty much guarantee they haven't had to deal with blind white kids calling them nigger and coon and talking about their Southern history, because they think the person they're talking to is white (until they say that they are black), but I have.

I agree, except for the fear of whiteness. In my case, familiarity breeds contempt- the type that will get you put on blast. So shut the fuck up, ok? Southern heritage, my black ass. Also, tip: if you say the same idiotic things as everyone else in your group: you're in a collective. Also, you're a cobag.

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