Wednesday, June 21, 2006

) Stupid stereotypes about Asian women abound. But even worse than the annoying racial stereotypes, there's something that really bothers me about this "race x women conform to traditional feminity better than race y women" stuff because it makes it a race to the bottom for who can be the least while male privileged guys go and laugh. Even if a black woman starved herself to be thin, straightened her hair to achieve the holy grail of American hair, bleached her skin, and never had any thoughts or opinions of her own...jokes on her! She still is not good enough ! Ha! Ha! The nerve of black women, thinking that they could possibly win the competition! There is a bit of an echo of the website that talked about how (white) men needed to marry 'traditional' Asian and Latino women from foreign countries because all American women were uppity feminist bitches. It's sort of the same thing, except for without the other baggage. Like basically, men seem to think that groups of women somehow come with a tag saying "subservient" or "beautiful", and think that if you just grab a random Asian woman, she is somehow going to be all this stuff, but the truth is that Asian women are individuals. You can't go up to a random Asian lady and get this prepackaged Asian Woman stereotype, ok?

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