Thursday, June 01, 2006

From blackfolk:

When someone brings up anecdotal evidence stating that they or their white friend got passed over for a job or promotion because the company HAD to have a Black person (or better, a Black woman) in the position because of Affirmative Action, wouldn't it be appropriate to call them on it? Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but a person's employment application and information is confidential, correct? Thus, the ONLY way that said white person would know that they got "passed over" by a less qualified minority would be if they either broke into HR or someone in HR divulged confidential information. Both of these things are illegal.

The other alternative to such a statement is that the person presenting such anecdotal evidence is an honest person and hasn't received confidential information. This is the much sadder version, because this means that such a person assumes that all Blacks and women are automatically less qualified than himself, and that the only way that we can get jobs or into schools is via a handout.

Any thoughts? Experiences with this? I've got a few, but I'll tell those later.

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