Tuesday, June 06, 2006

George Will has helped me come to a realization. I glanced at a Newsweek open to a typical white whine about how baaad it was that evil evil black militants forced whites to actually try to have some actual equality, and how actually learning about racial reality is boring, which can only be alleviated by whining about how bad white folks have it. And I realized, white guilt doesn't exist. At all. I used to think- maybe only 90% of people who say they have white guilt are lying. But no, I gotta say, I think all of you folks are lying. Guilt sort of implies actually feeling bad about something you did. It involves comprehending your actions, and sometimes, even making amends, not lying about it, but actually doing it. White folks are crazy sick with denial. They never listen to anything a person of color, a scholar about race, or anyone who doesn't say 'you're right. Not enslaving black folks is so hard for you that you shouldn't feel obligated to look at the actual realities of race. Noooo! Feel free to complain about how you are hard done by that others want rights too and actual equality(not the white person version where nothing is done but talking about how you're a bad person) Unless you can ever talk about racial issues without making it about how hard not lynching blacks and having black people in your dorm is for you, how can you be capable of guilt? Guilt implies a sort of superego, that says things like "the truth is more important than what makes me feel good" and "treating people like that is wrong" not an id that screams WHITES ONLY.

I guess I'm kinda pissed because I mean, look at the contrast to black folks. We are always dogging ourselves for stuff that isn't our fault. Most of us seem to believe if only every single black person was superhumanly perfect, everything would be all right. (of course, to make this a full picture, I must admit everybody thinks they are the one holding everything up, and middle class blacks think it's the poor's fault,etc). Of course, that's not possible. Even if I was able to be a superhuman, which I can't be, someone else would display some human frality, and it'd be all our fault,etc. And then you have whites here being like "I can't possibly be racist!" despite their behavior staring us all in the fucking face. White folks who are so lazy, so stupid, that they think that learning about race is boring, but are glad to insult, talk down to, and just plain lie to people of color and themselves. Whites who can hear about a hate crime and then turn around and say there's no racism on their street. They think they are all fine people. Heck, they could not even try for a job, not study in school, deal drugs(if you sell drugs to someone else, you're a drug dealer, white people), steal items from stores, etc,etc and still think they are the best people in the world, and in fact, the only people who count in the whole universe.

I'm not saying that the people of color who enable them to do so aren't disgusting wastes of flesh. However, I think we can all feel how sad and debasing it is for someone to sell out the children of America (both black and white, Latino and Asian) by pandering to white people's self delusion that everything in America is fine, the only problem is those pesky niggers(and spics and gooks). White folks don't have a clue. It's like they are the kids eating paste at the back of the room while everyone else is trying to learn something, and who insist on disrupting class with their antics- every. fucking. day.

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