Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Amanda from Pandagon links to a Salon article about girls making out with girls(it's under the mess about Connie Chung) I have to admit I find it vaguely depressing- the fact of the matter is that for some teenage girls, male approval is very important- important enough that they'd make a burlesque of someone else's sexuality for a free beer or a hookup.(these aren't bi girls, please don't lump us in with them- we really are aroused by kissing girls) I agree with Amanda's point in the comments that the guys need to be blamed more. I mean, guys urging the girls on to make out for their pleasure seems to be a sort of exercise of power- "look, girls crave approval so much that they will make out with some other chick for my pleasure!" I'm not saying the girls don't have agency, but I understand that yea, some women in their late teens to early twenties may not exactly delve deep into why this behavior gets them the attention it does, and maybe like "hey, I want (free beer/a reputation as a fun open chick/the adoring gazes of my fans)". Now, I don't think they have any less respect for themselves than girls who are more sexually reserved, but yea, maybe only participate in sex acts you *like*, girls?

Only vaguely related, but one fun college memory was two girls licking whipped cream off each other's chests. I was sober, so whipped cream was only put on my nose. For my part, I assumed they really liked the whole chest licking thing.

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