Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Belledame gets psychological. I have to admit that the reason I didn't get it is that basically I'm more concerned with what people can do to you, and not to be weird, but I thought of Twisty as a silly taco lady who sometimes says outrageous things, so I didn't see her as a role model or someone to look up to or an amazing leader that will lead us out of the land of wife beatings and into the land of tacos and beer. White folks on the whole don't get it about race- although I didn't see the post where she didn't get it(it may have been posted in May) My theory of her meanness is the medical news. So yea, my issues aren't so much about social stuff(I don't intuitively do social stuff, so to me, the feminist blogosphere appears to be a lot of ladies typing on computers not a large linked up cabal with some ladies leading the pack and the others following) but about who can do what to me without me being able to retaliate. People who can't do stuff to me may get my rudeness or maybe my derision, but I am not really hurt by them.

But if I sense that you can stop me from doing something I want, then I get upset. That's why I don't think rad fems are that big a deal. I'm looking at society and who is causing the most problems as my feminism because that seems intuitive to me, to always focus on who can do what to who and who isn't allowed to be mad. But with radfems you can always invoke the strawfeminist, who called you a bad feminist if you disagree.

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