Monday, June 26, 2006

ARGHLES! Anyway, never take the technical path in high school, you'll have to go to community college. And parents, if your kid needs to choose what path they go on in high school, try to ask the folks what would allow your kid to go to college. Now, I am annoyed because we're dealing with my friend who due to the fact that she was on the technical path in high school had to go to the local community college, and now we have to deal with the runaround about whether they'll let her graduate, when it's taken her as long as it took me to graduate four year there because folks kept giving her the wrong thing(my mother does everyone's forms for college, you see, this is why this is an issue at our house,etc). You know, I didn't know which path to choose either, but I just poked my finger at the one that sounded the best, and hoped like fun that I got on the good path. But the thing is that I bet some school is fucking some other people over, so be savvy! But then again, it's hard to know what mess is going on in the schools nowadays, so yea, we're all doomed. I have no idea how to get your kid on the good path or get him or her to stay in school. At least try to get your kid into a trade school if they can't go to college, folks. Easier said than done for the folks with the problem, though. Well, my biscuits are burned anyway.

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