Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I have posted a lot today, but there's no other outlet for my rage! DEAR STUPID NEWS GUY: PEOPLE WHO ARE TOO LAZY TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR COMMUNITY SUCK ASS. Yea, I'm talking about you white folks who always got your hand out for a tax refund, but never got your hands working to educate a child that don't look like you. You expect good schools to magically materialize from NO money, you expect folks with little opportunity to be quiet proles without wondering why they may not exactly go along with your program, you expect everything to magically be all right. But the truth of the matter is that until you say "I don't care what the skin color of kids are, they are all my children" you will continue to create a country that sucks, a country in which you are not free, a country in which you don't have what you need. So fuck you guys.

Now, I'm a lazy person. I'm not out saving the world every day, but neither do I expect a perfect world delivered to my fucking lap. They are like the guys who go around, throw their underwear on the floor and expect a woman to pick it up for them. Nothing is ever these folks' problem, and they can never take the initiative. I'm not saying you got to kill yourself every single day, just donate a book to the library,don't vote for idiots who feed on your laziness but folks with sane policies, and for fuck's sake, at least try to understand that we have crime and bad schools(because having textbooks from 1985 is a bit demoralizing, but you know what? money can buy textbooks! Talking about how your angel is different won't!) instead of being a sanctimonious prick. I'm not saying the mayor is an angel from on high, but at least see your part in it.

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