Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In other interracial news, mixed media watch shakes its head at dumb ass trailers that perpetuate dumb stereotypes. Also, nubian's blog is starting to have discussions about interracial relationships. I think the doubt and suspicion of interracial relationships, especially black/white ones comes from asshats. Now, we got the oreos, who think that everything they do is special and different from other black folk. Heck, according to them, all black people do nothing but eat fried chicken and listen to rap music all day- of course they can't date a black person, since they do other things beside that! And plus, they are like totally special! I think this is a disease of teenagerhood mostly, I hope.

Then we got asshats like in this above link. As if white women don't get tired of trifling men. I think that's just male privilege in a nice little package. If your relationships fail, don't think about what you did to cause the problem- blame the woman. Of course, the whole "x race women are more submissive than y race women" thing is totally male privilege. Instead of looking for partners based on sensible traits, going in for the whole idea of a woman who is supposed to submit to you is based on an ideal of masculinity that it is totally outdated today. Pretending submissiveness follows race is just another disgusting wrinkle.

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