Saturday, June 10, 2006

At the freeslave, there is some discussion of interracial dating between black men and white women. My take is this. What reason do you have for dating white women? Did you just meet some girl and find that she was totally amazing and the one that totally completed you,etc? Did she just have a nice ass and you wanted to get some? That's ok too- just make sure everyone agrees that you're just there for the panties. Or are you doing it because you think black girls are ugly, or insert stereotype here? The first is fine. Love is love and do what makes you happy. But if it's the second, you're a terrible person. You have to think to yourself- how did you get this stupid idea? How can all black girls be X way? You know all white girls aren't Y way. And if you have to resort to the whole "I'm just not attracted to black women, it's just like not liking redheads" crap- shoot yourself. Maybe you need intensive fucking therapy to see why you want to lump a bunch of women who all look different in one box, you dumb fuck*. So to keep it simple, liking white women because of actual traits individual white women may have, yes! Disliking black women because of crap somebody made up, no!

*This rationale is more common among whites, who when they use it seem equally as dumb.

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