Sunday, June 11, 2006

John Scalzi says to students, cite his site, put it in a footnote. I say if your school allows you to cite blogs in your papers, your school sucks and you're a horrible person. Back in the day(ok, less than a month ago) I was only allowed to use websites if they were A)a scholarly journal online B)well, I don't remember any other websites I was allowed to use in papers per se, except for I used the BBC for my take home final in African history. Also, while it hasn't happened to Scalzi, I hope that anyone who plagerizes off the internet realizes that they are a dumbfuck. You think your prof can't use google? Any white folks who have done that and then turned around and complained about some affirmative action should find their future asking me whether I want fries with my baked potato. Free up space for people who aren't total morons,ok?

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