Sunday, June 18, 2006

I don't get white feminism and I never will. Like, how is some lady on the internet so powerful to these people? The whole rest of society would love to see you wearing high heels and makeup to the nines while taking it up the ass for a leering crowd of men. Now, your choice on this course of action can be questioned, it can be debated, it can be analyzed. But at the end of the day, even if some lady on the internet says that maybe this helps the patriarchy a little bit, you still go out to the same society that is all for that behavior. Not to mention, I don't get the need to make everything you do perfectly feminist and it drives me nuts. It's like they think feminism is not an ideology, but a high school clique in which bloggers are the queen bees. If Susie Twisty declares nobody likes pink shoelaces, well, you must defend pink shoelaces to the death and declare that you have been attacked horribly, because you like pink shoelaces!

Dudes, it's not possible for people to be thrown out of feminism. Especially not over the internet. Heck, I'm sure someone thinks I'm the slave of the patriarchy because I am obsessed with comic books. And yea, a lot of comic books totally aren't helping feminism. People can point this out to me without me feeling personally attacked. And yea, penises are kinda gross. We love them despite the fact that they look funny, and contain semen. There are cultural meanings to sucking a dick.

In fact, in the which race women are better wars, something that sometimes comes up is "race x women won't suck dick". Men, women of all races will suck your dick. The playing field is level in so far as which race women will suck your dick. So consider that cleared up. Also, the whole icky submission thing still clings to many blowjobs in the realm. Maybe it's not YOUR blowjob, especially if your partner is the type who has learned that asking first before moving the dick is golden. But yea, there's some blowjobs out there that aren't exactly helping us fight the patriarchy. You have to figure out on your own whether your blowjob is helping or not, and seriously, some blowjob snark is not going to destroy feminism. If it makes you feel better, I blew a guy in a fashion that did not help feminism. I did not get drummed out of the movement. The evil feminist police you imagine are hunting you down and insulting you for your love of blowjobs did not descend on my dorm room and scream 'cock sucker' at me. In fact, nothing happened. Because I don't think a bunch of random women on the internet are more powerful than the whole god damn rest of the culture.

Let's all repeat after me: there is no crying in feminism,ok?

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