Sunday, June 11, 2006

I feel a sort of deep nameless frustration. I don't know what it is. What seems to trigger it is white folks acting like they really care if someone calls them racist. I want to scream stop lying for fucks' sake. They of course always use it as an excuse for stuff they don't wanna do. Oh, we can't discuss race, what if someone calls me a racist. Oh I can't write a character of another color, what if someone calls me racist and on and on and the fuck on. I can't deal with black issues unless they stop talking about race. I think the problem is the vast gulf between what they act like is going to happen and what actually does.

They always say folks are being accused of racism, like the racism police are going to come and sentence them and take them away. Or at least give them a scolding. Or they talk about how we always use the race card which is supposed to be some ultra powerful advantage or whatever. But what really happens is that they go, talk about how the dog ate their anti racism, and how people of color are all liars and can't tell what actually happened to them unless white people tell them what happened, and then they go on their merry way. So it's like why the big production? It's like me acting like my parents will beat me half to death if I don't close the cabinet doors.

Heck, I think I get worse about the cabinets. Every week I get a lecture about my trifling nature. It is long and detailed. I don't get defenders popping in talking about how it's not a big deal to leave the cabinet doors open and how my parents are overreacting and how oppressed I am that I have to listen to a bit of complaining in exchange for not paying rent. But do I make a big dramatic fuss about this? Do I pop into conversations about trifling kids acting like I've been personally attacked? No, and it affects my life way more than white people being called racist.

They won't lose any friends if they are called racist. Nothing will happen to them if they are called racist. So shut up with the tantrums, white people.

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