Friday, June 23, 2006

My mother believes that perverts want to snatch me if I go walking at sunset. Now, I've never seen a pervert- I see old women walking, young women walking, guys riding bikes in the middle of the streets, people working on their lawns, and yea, even some people playing with gasp kids(yea that white lady playing with her white son and black daughter will suddenly grab a gun and POW!) When I was a kid(around 15), I used to walk around way more than I do now. I used to walk all the way around the large two mile lake, and around the pond. I never met a pervert. Maybe a platinum blonde girl jogging, some football players from my school trying to catch some fish, maybe a mother with a racing stroller would run me down, but the dangerous perverts that are supposed to keep me hiding in the house never appeared.

We don't even live in a poor neighborhood(not that they are all crime filled) ! No gunshots are heard while we're in our beds, a rent a cop rides around the streets, we even have stupid cards to put in our pockets to show that we live in the neighborhood. Some may say but OMG, blacks(Including blacks who suck) but I think it is unlikely that that black guy holding a baby on his back will suddenly drop the baby and try to molest me, or that black lady walking with barbells will hit me with one and steal my cash.

Anyway, I hear most folks are assaulted by folks they know. I told her that a frat party is way more dangerous than walking the fuck outside at sunset. Seriously, where do people get these ideas?

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