Wednesday, June 30, 2004

So I was reading When Work Disappears and I felt much better, because if blacks behave in certain ways because of their economic situation, maybe whites do the same thing, which is a more calming hypothesis than the other one which was that a large majority of the US population are jerks. Although, I will keep the old one in mind. Maybe they are worried about the economic crunch, and the competition for decent work, what with the immigrants and the need for people to go to college to get a job above trash collector, and mix that with some racial lies some dude spews, and viola! an easy way to discharge your tension.

I mean, isn't it easier to complain about black people than to improve the country? And it feels better too. I guess I am back to individual attributions, but it is true. It's a lot of work to reform society, and blaming the nearest person who looks different from you is a lot more fun.

Although, if you believe that you must go to this college or that college to be able to get a decent job, and you think (even though this isn't true) that people who look different from you are just waltzing in, and taking your spot and therefore your job, you are like "this must be stopped", especially if you have no idea about history or sociology, and don't care about society at all, only getting yours. But again, I'm wandering into individual terrain. Oh well...

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