Saturday, June 26, 2004

I think Bush causes AIDs. Seriously, he's always trying to push his junk about abstinence, which is really unrealistic. 95% or more of the population is going to have sex. It doesn't matter about marriage licensing, because even if people wait til marriage to have sex, people tend to divorce at a high rate nowadays, meaning that people will have sex with more than one person their entire life. If people are going to have sex, they need to protect themselves, and wagging your finger isn't going to help.

I think if something doesn't work, you don't have to keep doing it. Wagging the finger may feel good, but it doesn't work. We've been wagging our finger about drugs for years, yet drug use still continues, and sex, well, sex is a basic human drive- so how is wagging the finger going to help?

I dislike how people think blaming is a substitute for useful action. Blaming is like a hammer. It works with nails, but not on screws, and not on millions of other things. However, there is way more in our toolboxes than that.

I guess people do it because it feels good. I mean, you get a nice feeling of moral superiority. That's fun and all, but how feelings of moral superiority ever solved any problems is a mystery to me.

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