Monday, June 07, 2004

I am so interested in race because it's a problem on the edge of logic. Humans made it up, but now that we have had it for so many years, it's hard to unmake it. For example, there are many 'black' people with European blood, and many 'white' people with African blood, but people see people who look like they are mostly European as individuals, while they see people who look like they have African blood as a monolith. This of course makes no sense, and there's no reason for it, but it's shaped our society for so long.

White people will vote against help for themselves if they can hurt imaginary 'blacks' who are 'sucking the system dry', even if they may themselves have as much African blood as those 'blacks'. People also judge whether something should be taught based on skin color. If a man with light skin invented something in the past, it is considered worthy to be taught. If a man with dark skin invented something, even a small mention is 'multiculturalism', which is said to ruin our schools for reasons unbeknownst to me.

People truly seem to believe in these categories, even if they say they are color blind. I mean, slavery has been over for a hundred and forty years as they all say, but the people keep making excuses about it. If they didn't identify in some way with the slave owners, why the reason to make up lies or blame it on someone else? It's the same pattern with people who like to pretend the Holocaust never happened- they are often involved in groups with problems with Jew hating.

I guess race is like bills. We made up bills too, but the average man can't wish them away, and the more you pretend they aren't there, the more they pile up.

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