Saturday, June 26, 2004

I found a good LJ post

"i also believe that people of color and other oppressed groups are constantly being put on the spot by white folks and other people positions to flex oppressive power. we are put on the spot to justify positions, perspectives, beliefs, ways of being, and many times we are put on the spot to justify our existance. i've come to this belief through a mix of my experiences, the experiences of friends who are people of color (or glbtq or otherwise oppressed in mainstream US), and the writings of numerous scholars of color." - a person known as 'da guru'.
Despite some grammatical problems, I agree. People don't know more about black people than I know about the tribes of Laos, and they think they know all about blackness, and can tell everyone what is wrong with black people.

I read "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down" again lately. It is an interesting look at the Hmong culture by way of the story of a Hmong girl with severe epilepsy. I have done more work than most people who badmouth blacks have done on blacks. Yet, I would not presume that I could walk into a Hmong community, declare them pathological, and then lay out what they need to be doing.

You know why? You can't solve a problem by walking in, saying "I'm superior", and judging everyone by your biased standards. The problem is that everyone thinks they have the only correct yardstick, and think it is perfect and objective.

For example, people will be like "but the amount of money people make is objective" but you put in your own subjectivity by saying that money is important, and that worth should be measured by it.

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