Tuesday, June 01, 2004

"I can't help you with your bullshit. All I can do is use your company to make me feel happy. What good does that make me? Not much"- a paraphrase of words by Ron Rege Jr.

I read an amazing essay about anti racist work. I worry it may be a bit high level, but I think exposing people, even people on low levels to high level work is good. I like how this level system reveals how much influence video games have had over me. In many RPGs, you gain experience by defeating monsters and then you level up. So to me, anti racism has levels. The first is when you realize that things aren't right in this country, and then you have to go on and explore more. Some are stuck at certain stages and some progress faster than others. At high levels, there are critiques of the systems of anti racism themselves, which can only really be made after you get the point, I think. Anyway, you probably don't need to read my babbling. Here it is.

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