Friday, June 04, 2004

This post is about several things. First, the tail end of Sailor Moon R, which I had not seen before, is rather shabbily animated it seems to me. Also, here is a good article about 'the race card' I'd like to note that co opting the language of victimhood sucks. I mean, maybe Bonds is overstating his case, but come on, even spun by right wingers, you can't even make his speech even resemble hate speech. I wonder if people are simply so privleged that they don't know what real hate speech is, and just plug in terms without knowing their context. Same for people saying a black guy stealing your lunch money is oppression. No it's not, it's called "Look, this guy needs a cock punch"

Also, Condi Rice talks about domestic terrorism in the 1960s.

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