Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I think the Street harassment Project is cool, because it notes that women have the right to be on the street without fear, and doesn't blame women for the actions of men. I got yelled at once in the street for wearing stockings. So, am I supposed to purge my wardrobe of stockings or should the guy just shut up? I am mystified at people who blame the victim. Why women dressing in ordinary clothing and walking down their own streets is so horrible, yet it's perfectly ok to invade someone's space and harass them, I have no clue. I never got the idea that the person agressed against was supposed to change.

I think it's like people want males to be dominant. If women have to tip toe around worrying for their lives just for walking in the street, weak males feel powerful. It's too bad there aren't enough real men around. A real man doesn't need to harass folks in the street to show that he's a man. He knows he's a man. He doesn't need to disrespect women. That's a good sign of a fake ass man. I mean, if you need to try to intimidate someone smaller than you to be a man, you're not one.

Also, saying that men aren't responsible for their actions in this case makes them look bad. I mean, the idea that men are just forced to shout offensive things out, and can't control their own behavior, and have to depend on women to protect them from themselves, that doesn't speak well of men. I know many real men who can control their behavior, so that lie is just a cop out.

Also, I wish I had so much chutzpah as to kick someone's ass. Here's the story of a woman who did what many of us wish we could.

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