Tuesday, June 29, 2004

First some good news. I read The Working Poor: Invisible in America, and it was very good. I liked his approach. He didn't go and be like "Oh, poor babies" or be like "Well, bootstraps, people!" and I liked how he did a lot of primary research, a lot of interviews, to really get a face on it. A main point is that yes, sometimes the poor do things they shouldn't do, but they have less leeway than a rich person who does something they shouldn't do.

For example, let's say a poor person eats really crappy, food because they are tired after work. Their diabetes or high blood pressure may go un noticed for years, causing a potential catastrophe. On the other hand, let's say a rich person eats crappy food. They have more money to go to the doctor, be told of their condition, they are more likely to have adequate insurance so that they can take the new drugs to control their conditions,etc,etc. So they both did something stupid, and it had completely different outcomes. He really does it much better in his book, which is great conscious raising for people who really haven't taught about this before.

Read the book- it's good.

In bad news, people are stupid. They caught a rape on video tape, and apparently that's just fine with these dirtbag jurors. A bunch of scum. In my opinion, it wouldn't distress me in the least if people who think gang raping people is ok shot themselves in the face, and left more air for decent people.

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