Tuesday, June 15, 2004

This interview of Seth reminds me of how I feel that I can't really enjoy nostalgia. I feel that in the past, I would have been swallowed up, I would have disappeared. We of course are all men and women of our times, so of course, the present me would not exist. But the closest thing to it couldn't have survived until about the 60s or 70s or so, maybe even the 80s. I get mad enough at mere unenlightened people spouting ignorance. Let them blow up some churches, and I'd do something that I really shouldn't be doing.

I like history- in another life, maybe I'd be a historian, but I mostly just admire the resolve of the people living in hard times. The people who lived through Jim Crow, who lived through slavery- there are many heroes among them, as well as many middling folk, and many people who suck. But probably a higher portion of heroes than usual. I couldn't have started a business knowing if I got too big, someone would try to burn me out.

Heck, I'm struggling with the fact that I tremble to write anything. n asute reader would say- you're writing right now. But since no one reads my blog, I feel that I am talking to myself. Talking to others is the problem.

Also, this is a good blog post about the Asian Persuation Also, someone who can actually write. Shock.

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