Monday, June 14, 2004

Reagan pisses me off. He not only reminds me that folks will lie about you, and not even apologize when it's shown to be false, but of the differences between the black world and the white one. Of course, these worlds are mostly racially segregated, but that doesn't mean a black can't wander into the white world or vice versa.

In the white world, locking people in dank, terrible camps for years for no reason needs reparations, but locking people in ships, beating people and raping people, taking their rights away by law for years, not letting them have jobs for no reason, medically experimenting on them without their consent,etc,etc, isn't a bad thing at all, and it's ridiculous people even bring it up.

In the white world, black people aren't really part of America, even if they have been there from the beginning, and are part of a big reason America is so wealthy today. Do you think having people work for free didn't make somebody wealthy?

In the white world, the rules of logic are changed, and blacks can, at the same time, being only ten percent of the population, steal all the white people's jobs, and college spots, yet also spend all their time smoking crack while on welfare, and shooting people in the face.

In the white world, any attempt to make the world better for blacks is racist against them, even if it's something like not saying the n word. But a white guy could go around, write about how inferior we are, and it's not racist.

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