Sunday, June 06, 2004

The Sisterhood Showcase

Yesterday, I went to the Sisterhood Showcase. I met E Lynn Harris, but was unable to speak, although I got his autograph. There were vendors with everything from afrocentric books, shirts and dolls, to boring retailers like Dillards. My mom says they usually have more boutique shops and book sellers than they did this time. That sucks, because we would have liked to get Happy to Be Nappy for mom's grand nieces. There was a teen panel which talked about everything from wearing brand name clothes, to how white people are allowed to wear more revealing clothes at school, to homophobia in the black community to basic theology. There was a model show with loud music and lots of sexy male models. There were also hospitals galore, out to screen the black community for everything from diabetes to high blood pressure.

David Horowitz is an Attention Whore

Here are some more links about how much of an attention whore he is. Read them all, please. The whole reason for me posting these links is to oppose lies that others speak as truth. Although, while all these links are interesting and important, I would like to pull out one for special consideration. This one refutes ten lies that Horowitz had been spreading in a good amount of depth.

This girl is smarter than me Read the archives, they are great.

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