Saturday, June 05, 2004

I'm 20 today, as I have said before. I feel that I am becoming an adult. I was thinking of the debt I can not pay. People before I was born were sacrificing so I could live in a better world than they had to live in. After I was born, my parents sacrificed so that I could live better, and everyone worked so we could live in a society that was orderly. My debt can never be paid- you can't do more than live for a person, it's a greater sacrifice than dying for a person.

I guess at least knowing about the people who worked for me to live gives me a sense of community. Many people are not connected, because they don't see the line of sacrifice running for hundreds of years. Even if it wasn't for you specifically, those who loved the future enough to make it just, worked for you.

I think becoming an adult means that you start to know the meaning of this sacrifice, and maybe contribute to it. Of course, I'm sure this isn't universal. The idea of sacrifice is embedded in my culture- and I respect the idea of the living Jesus, who lived his life for the poor, who lived his life for the downtrodden. He didn't live his life for vanity or silliness, but for others.

I guess we don't see the value of sacrifice as it is considered a feminine value. I think the values we deride and mock- compassion, a sense of justice, cooperation- are the ones we need most. We lie and say self reliance is crucial. Ain't nobody ever just relied on themselves. They all lived in societies, and they all got help sometimes.

People are going blind to make your clothes. People are dying to 'serve your national interest'. People are breaking their backs to make your society and your community. Show them respect.

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