Thursday, June 24, 2004

Let them eat cake, he says. What's with our morals nowadays? I don't mean morals like don't have sex, I mean real values like compassion, empathy, and caring. If that doesn't work, one of the basic human needs is food. People aren't going to be like 'hey, I'm starving, well, I was a lazy bastard and deserved it", they'll do something desperate to get food, and it's not going to be all happy bunnies.

I'm sorry, but I get sick and tired of people who work way harder than me being called lazy. I work 3 hours a day at my job, and maybe a little extra on selling buttons. Sometimes at work, there is nothing to do. But I'm supposed to be less lazy than folks my age who were busting their ass at the MegaMart til they got laid off. Yea, that's right. If you have the right parents, you're automatically not lazy. Yea, right. Middle class kids go and work their little jobs so they can have a nicer car and some pot or beer, and no one calls them lazy. But someone has a problem besides "Oh Noes, I have to buy a used PS2" and they are just awful. Man, this country!

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