Monday, May 31, 2004

It's Memorial Day, and I'd just like to tell everyone to honor the sacrifices of those who died for them, and also, the sacrifices of those who live for them. Not only the soldiers, who were heroic, and helped when we had to reach for the last resort, but everyone who died and lived for us. For me, I think of the people who died for me to have civil rights, and those who put themselves in danger today for me to have the right to choose. I think of those who say NO! to hate and intolerance, even though it's not the 'trend'. That's a sacrifice too. I think of those who battled big business, and gave their lives to unionize, and give us the protection we enjoy. I remember all of those who resist our consumer culture telling them they are what they buy and those who resist the beauty standards forever telling you that you are not enough.

Why do I mention all of those who have lived for us? Because, as hard as it is to die for us, it's even harder to live for us. You can only die for us once, but you have to live for your cause every day if you live for it, and the people you help with your cause. I fear I am not that noble- that I can't be that brave. However, I'm sure that the heroes that made our country great- the people who worked so that everyone could have its bounty- probably didn't think of themselves as heroes. So remember that all heroes aren't in the past, and that we can change things, even if it doesn't seem like it.

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