Monday, September 20, 2004

Well, today I took a test, and it was pretty scary. I started to just write down everything I knew about Pavlovian conditioning for the big essay question. I think I'll get 5-10 points off for mistakes, bad handwriting. Also, I'm so scared of statistics that I bought a manga "Tramps like Us' to distract me from studying. It was pretty good. A woman is constantly annoyed because her whole office is full of sexist jerks, and jealous bitches. Also, her boyfriend broke up with her because he's an idiot. So she finds this hot guy, and decides he is her pet, and he goes along with it, because he wants to bone her. Comedic hijinks and suchlike ensure.

Basically, it was a fun manga- I'm not going to be like "OMG!! Top 100 manga ever" but it entertained me, which was the whole point. Maybe tomorrow, I'll get the Bradleys which I saw also. I'm such a goofoff- spending my book card money for that. But it's really scary to study for stats. I think that's why I've been spending so much money lately.

But aside from that,one of the ads at the back advertises new Paradise Kiss covers. I don't think the new ones are quite as iconic as the old. However, I love Paradise Kiss. I tend to be the sort of person who likes a story of someone working hard to find their path in life. The teen years have a big portion of my psychic real estate. I go back to those themes over and over- the search for identity and purpose.

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